F-5 Tiger
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The F-5 Tiger utilizes the durability of EPP foam and the strength of carbon.  The wing and stab are removeable, using nylon bolts.  The fin slides into a slot and is held in place with two pieces of tape or can be glued in permanently. 

Specifications: Flying weight 20 oz., Wing Span 38 1/2", Fuselage 37 1/2", Radio 2 Channel, Airfoil RG-14.

Included in Kit: Clear canopy, all necessary hardware, 1 fuselage, 1 set of EPP wings with spar slots cut in, carbon wing spars, aileron stock, 10-24 wing bolts, strip aileron linkage, pre-shaped stab & elevator, & pre-shaped fin.

What You will need: extensions of your choice, 5 minute Epoxy, low temp covering of your choice, 1 can 3M 77 spray, fiberglass reinforced straping tape, and hinge tape.

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F-5 Tiger

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