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The Element is an all EPP foam slope racer.

It is easy and fast to construct. It’s the choice of experts but can be flown by beginners. It is extra strong yet flies well in light lift with wide speed range. When you ballast her up you’ll have an ear-to-ear grin! It behaves well at all speeds.

Specifications: Wing span 64", flying weight 37 oz., 2 channel aileron & elevator, Airfoil S 3014

Included in Kit: All necessary hardware, 1 split fuselage for easy radio installation, pre-installed carbon fuselage stiffener, 1 set of EPP wings with spar slots cut in, carbon wing spars, basswood sub-trailing edge, aileron stock, 1/4 - 20 wing bolts, laser cut plywood control horns, aileron linkage, pre-shaped stab & elevator, & pre-shaped fin.

What You will need: extensions of your choice, low temp covering of your choice, 1 can of 3M 77 spray, 5 minute epoxy, fiberglass reinforced straping tape, and hinge tape.

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