DAW 1-26 2 Meter Slope Kit
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We are proud to announce the DAW 1-26 2 Meter Is Back!

Dave Sanders has graciously given Magnum Models the rights to produce his 1-26 2 Meter airplane kit.  He also has given us the permission to change the spars to carbon and to add a carbon stiffner to the fuselage. 

The 1-26 2 Meter is an all fun fly plane! Featuring the strength and mass to withstand contest grade winch launches and harder spot landings. In addition, the increased size provides increased efficiency making the 1-26 2 Meter excellent for slope aerobatics in light or heavy lift conditions.


Span:                                71 inches

Length:                            38 1/2 inches

Wing Area:                      554 sq. in.

Stabilizer/Elev. Area:   70 sq. in.

Fin/Rudder Area:         33 sq. in.

Weight RTF:                  34 to 40 ounces

Control Functions:       Rudder, Elevator,


Airfoil:                            SD7037

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DAW 1-26 2 Meter Slope Kit

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