Dwayne's Cobra Racer over Wilson Lake, KS
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The Cobra Racer is designed for the One Design Racing Class and performs well in that class.  

Specifications:  23 oz. Wing Span 60" Fuselage 33 1/2" Radio 2 Channel

Included in Kit:  1.9 EPP foam fuse & wing, shaped balsa fin & stab.  Front & rear fuse wing retaining block. Carbon fuse stiffener, trailing edge stiffeners, wing mounting blocks, hardware pack including: elevator pushrod & wing bolts, nylon washers, control horns, and a pre-bent brass wing joiner.

What you will need:  2 Rolls of low temp covering of your choice, 1 can of 3M 77 spray, 5 minute epoxy, fiberglass reinforced straping tape, & hinge tape.

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Cobra Racer ODR

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