Bad VooDoo Pro
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The VooDoo Pro is a WINNER in the One Design Racing Class!


The Bad VooDoo Pro is the next generation of the Bad VooDoo.  It is optimized for the One Design Racing (ODR) but is suited for everyday flying.  It builds quick with the fiberglass fuselage and pre-sheeted foam core wings.  It uses a SD6061 airfoil.  The balsa used is selected to keep the weight down and to optimize the best flying experience.


Specifications:  Wingspan 60"

                                 Flying Weight 24 ozs.

                                 Airfoil SD6061

                                 Fuselage 35 3/4"


Kit Contents:    1 - Fiberglass Fuselage, 1 set of pre-sheeted wings, aileron stock, balsa wing tips, pre-shaped stab, elevator, and fin´╗┐.

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Bad VooDoo Pro

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